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Welcome to Bang A Beat Music Therapy Centre! We are a team of Neurologic Music Therapists providing services in Winnipeg, MB and its surrounding communities.  Our services include individual and group-based neurologic music therapy sessions, Music Together® Mixed Age Classes, Music Together® Within Therapy, Social Skills Programs, Express Yourself Camps, Adapted Music Lessons, regular Music Lessons, and Therapeutic Drum Circles.

At Bang A Beat, we work with individuals of all ages.  Our team of high trained and certified therapists use specific research-based techniques to help our clients meet their potential and achieve an overall better quality of life.  We look forward to working with you today!

Neurologic Music Therapy Services

At Bang A Beat, we strive to help a variety of individuals meet their potential.  From the song selections we use to the wide variety of instruments and props we incorporate, to the enticing activities we implement, our team of therapists tailors our treatment plans to meet the needs of each of our clients, creating goals and objectives that help bring about positive changes in their lives.  Whether music therapy sessions are designed to help reach developmental milestones, target academic skills, further develop social interaction skills, assist in speech and/or motor rehabilitation, maintain current levels of functioning and/or to elicit reminiscence, we help achieve an overall better quality of life.

Our team of therapists facilitate both individual and group NMT sessions. To find out more, please click here.


Music Together® Mixed Age Family Classes
Our essential Music Together® family class, ages 0 – 5 years, follows the recommendations of child development researchers grouping children of a variety of ages because this fosters natural, family-style learning. In a class size of 12 children, younger children enjoy watching and imitating older ones, older children learn by leading younger ones while they practice and hone their new skills and adults are happy because the children in the family can go to class together.


The 45-minute class includes music experiences ranging from playful free-movement to instrumental jam sessions to songs and chants in unusual tonalities and meters as found in other cultures. Utilizing informal instruction, each child is allowed to participate at his or her own level, singing, moving, chanting, listening, watching, or exploring through natural play and music engagement.

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Music Together® Within Therapy
Music Together Within Therapy (MTWT) allows credentialed music therapists at Bang A Beat Music Therapy Centre to incorporate the musically rich and beautifully crafted song selections from Music Together® into small group neurologic music therapy sessions.


At Bang A Beat Music Therapy Centre, we believe that all of our clients are musical beings. Music is our birthright and one of the most natural ways to express oneself. By combining the philosophies of Music Together with our extensive education and training as Neurologic Music Therapists, we can help make Music Together easily accessible to all clients regardless of ability. In our small MTWT groups (maximum 4 registered children plus siblings) families will have the opportunity to make music together with their children.

Current MTWT Classes:

  • Social Skills Development: A strong emphasis is placed on helping group participants learn appropriate play and interaction skills.
  • Social Skills / Self-Regulation: In this class, group participants continue to expand their social interaction skills while also learning self-regulation techniques.
  • Language-Learning Through Song: A strong emphasis is placed on helping children with limited language abilities to further explore, develop and practice early language skills through singing sounds, syllables, and words.

To learn more click here.


Social Skills Programs
Bang A Beat now offers three different Social Skills Programs; our ‘Music Together® Within Therapy’ groups (ages 2-4 and 5-7), our ‘Rhythm Rockstars’ groups (ages 8-12) and our ‘Let’s Jam’ classes (ages 13-22).  These programs focus of practicing and expanding communication and social interaction skills in small group settings.


For more information click here.


Express Yourself Camps

Looking for something fun for your kiddos to do over the school breaks and/or over the summer months??  Bang A Beat now offers Express Yourself Camps specially designed to give our campers an opportunity to come together, make new friends, be creative and express themselves through music, art, movement, and play.  Come join us for a week of fun!


For more information click here.


Adapted Music Lessons
Adapted Music Lessons: Our adapted music lessons are designed to help teach all individuals with special learning needs how to play an instrument. We use an eclectic approach incorporating singing, movement, percussion instruments, innovative rhythmic pattern games, props and tailored interventions to help integrate musical concepts for each individual students particular learning style.  By doing so, we ensure a positive and rewarding learning experience. Currently piano/keyboard, guitar and voice lessons are being offered.


We are also pleased to be offering regular Music Lessons as well for violin/fiddle, piano, guitar and voice.

For more information, please click here.



Therapeutic Drum Circles
Research has proven that rhythm through drumming decreases stress and anxiety, boosts the immune system, speeds up physical healing, produces feelings of well-being and creates feelings of togetherness amongst its participants. Bang a Beat Music Therapy Centre facilitates drum circles for groups of 10 or more participants.  Although we do provide a variety of drums and hand-held percussive instruments to play, please feel free to bring your own drum or shaker! Come drum with us!


For more information, please click here.

Bang A Beat Music Therapy Centre

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Bang A Beat Music Therapy Centre

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