What is Music Together Within Therapy?

Music Together Within Therapy allows credentialed music therapists at Bang A Beat Family-Centred Therapies to incorporate the musically rich and beautifully crafted song selections from Music Together into both our individual and small group music therapy sessions.


Why Do We Offer Music Together Within Therapy?

At Bang A Beat Family-Centred Therapies, we believe that all of our clients are musical beings.  Music is our birthright and one of the most natural ways to express oneself.  By combining the philosophies of Music Together with our extensive education and training as Neurologic Music Therapists, we can help make Music Together easily accessible to all clients regardless of ability.  Whether enrolled in individual music therapy, or in our small Music Together Within Therapy groups (maximum 4 registered children plus siblings) families will have the opportunity to make music together with their children.


Why Choose Music Together Within Therapy?

There are several important characteristics that qualify an activity as “play”…. The activity is freely chosen…. The child controls it’s flow and duration… It is intrinsically rewarding or done for its own sake…. The activity is relatively free of externally imposed rules (in contrast to games….. It needs to be moderately challenging in order to sustain interest, but not so hard as to cause frustration…. It thrives best when undertaken in a relaxed setting…. Most important of all the activity must be FUN!!!!

While children are engaged in “play” they are highly motivated to learn.  Whether they are playing within their therapy session or at home while actively making music with their families, they are strengthening specific skills including: social/emotional development, cognitive development, appropriate play skills, speech and language acquisition, and fine and gross motor skills.  The music therapy sessions create the framework for what families can continue to work on at home.  The creates an family-based atmosphere for learning that is fun, motivating, and continues long after each session.


Pricing: $355.00 + GST  per 10 week semester
$134.00 + GST  per 10 week semester per registered sibling

Music Together Within Therapy for Individual Clients not taking Group Classes: $75.00 + GST per collection

Tuition Includes:

Musical Interaction with up to 4 registered children per class
Music Together at Home: Helping Your Child Grow Musically
2 Professionally recorded CD’s
1 Digital music download
Exclusive access to Music Together Family Page
Parent Education Session

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