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Our Occupational Therapists assist their clients in reaching their potential in their everyday lives. In order to reach our potential, we need to be able to calm our minds so that we can learn, concentrate so we can complete activities, and control and coordinate our bodies so that we can navigate the world around us. Working towards leading a full and functional life through meaningful activities is the ultimate goal of Occupational Therapy.

Key signs that your loved one may benefit from Occupational Therapy include:

  • difficulties completing daily activities such as: feeding, toileting, dressing, shoe tying, bike riding
  • difficulties with sitting at a desk or table
  • messy or poorly constructed hand writing
  • a dislike of messy or dirty play
  • becoming easily overwhelmed in situations
  • challenging behaviours
  • fidgeting or excessive movement
  • difficulties concentrating or completing tasks

We can provide Occupational Therapy services for individuals with:

  • Autism
  • Sensory Processing and Regulation
  • Attention Deficit and Attention Hyperactivity Disorders
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Coordination and Motor Issues
  • FASD
  • Developmental Delay
  • Prematurity
  • Mental Health and Mood Disorders
  • and more

Who is Occupational Therapy for?

Birth – 1 yrs

Let’s face it, becoming parents is scary!  You are full of questions and overwhelmed by all of the literature posted online.  The only problem is every child is unique and doesn’t fit into a box.  Our Occupational Therapists can offer guidance on:

  • childhood development including newborn milestones
  • nursing and early feeding skills
  • routine and schedule development

We can help create a plan to support you and your child’s needs!

Preschool Years 2-5ys

These years are filled with so much important skill development in the areas of cognition, motor, functional skills, sensory processing, sensory regulation, behaviour, etc. that it can be hard to navigate for every kiddo! Our Occupational Therapists can help by:

  • outlining a feeding program and developing necessary motor skills for self-feeding
  • improve skills needed for dressing
  • help tackle the ever tricky job of toilet training
  • help teach important psychosocial skills necessary in play
  • improving school readiness goals (including drawing, writing, early literacy and numeracy skills, etc.)

We can help create a plan to support you and your child’s needs!

Youth 6-12 yrs

Primary school years introduce children to a new world of learning. For some, these years can be the hardest. Expectations in a school setting often have increased leaving children feeling overwhelmed, anxious, uncertain, and insecure. As much as children can feel lost and alone, parents can also feel these stresses and challenges and may not have the tools to navigate this chapter in their children’s lives alone. Let’s work together to make these years enjoyable! Our Occupational Therapists can help with:

  • attention in group settings
  • transitioning between activities
  • academics (reading, writing, numbers, etc.)
  • strategies to calm the mind and body
  • meal planning
  • sleep issues
  • behavioural challenges
  • and more!
Adolescent Years 13-18 yrs

As our teen enters secondary school, the demands your teen faces both cognitively and socially are at an all-time high.  Expectations placed upon your teen continue to increase, and both independence and maturity become expected at this stage.  Let our Occupational Therapists help your teen march to the beat of their own drum by helping with:

  • improving concentration and execution of tasks
  • expanding functional skills (reading, maths, writing, keyboarding, time management, cooking etc.)
  • behaviour management
  • building confidence in social settings
  • decreasing social anxieties

Stress, chronic pain, an acute injury, are all things can limit what we are able to accomplish in a day. They can have negative impacts on our ability to partake in activities we once loved, or can make our lives feel hard and unfulfilling.  Our Occupational Therapists can help work through health conditions effecting your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and ultimately help you find the joy in your life again.


Whether you are trying to take on a proactive approach to your health as you enter your golden years, or have a loved one that you’re supporting, our Occupational Therapists can help you navigate some of these significant life changing moments.  Our Occupational Therapists strive to make this stage of life as positive and fulfilling as possible.

  • new health conditions that impair functional independence
  • the need for adaptations made in the home for accessibility and safety
  • provide information on health promotion and disease prevention

Meet Our Team of Occupational Therapists

Robyn Thomas O.T. Reg (MB), E-RYT

Robyn Thomas O.T. Reg (MB), E-RYT

Occupational Therapist, Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher

Robyn graduated in 2007 with a Masters in Occupational Therapy and also became certified as a Yoga Teacher. Over the last decade, Robyn’s therapy career has provided her with opportunity to work with people of all ages (newly-born to senior) with a variety of health conditions and needs. The bulk of her career as an Occupational Therapist has been two-fold: She has worked extensively with children in the community on functional skills that enable them to engage in the life they want to live. Many children have been on the Autism spectrum, others have had health conditions such as FASD, CP, prematurity, global developmental delay and learning disabilities leading largely to focus on development of life skills (dressing, eating, play, reading, writing, etc), sensory regulation, attention and social skills.

She is certified with the Handwriting Without Tears Program and also trained in Trauma Informed theories linked with Sensory Processing.  Robyn’s therapy approach has always included movement as a means for learning. In addition to working directly with families and their health care teams, Robyn has worked with many childcare centres and schools on developing group occupational therapy sessions that include sensory regulation and sequence strategies that optimize learning and also having fun! Secondly, she has worked with adults whom have a variety of health conditions including MS, fibromyalgia, arthritis, vision loss, coordination and balance disorders, chronic pain and fatigue, and mental health issues through her specialized practice in Yoga Therapy.

Gina Tranquada O.T. Reg (MB)

Gina Tranquada O.T. Reg (MB)

Occupational Therapist

Gina graduated with a Masters degree in Occupational Therapy in 2010 and a Bachelors degree in Kinesiology-Athletic Therapy in 2008 from the University of Manitoba. Gina has experience as an Occupational Therapist working in acute medicine, rehabilitation, day programs, respite, accessibility, ergonomics, mental health, return to work, school division, and community settings. Previously, Gina worked as an Occupational Therapist at St.Amant in Outreach Therapy for Children through SSCY (Specialized Services for Youth and Children) in pediatrics for 6.5 years.  While there Gina was involved in a variety of projects, which include:  leading an interdisciplinary feeding team and workshop titled “Eat Your Peas” geared towards children with autism and eating programs (collaborative model of dietician, SLP, behavioural analyst), seating and mobility clinic which offers specialized assessment and seating for more complex needs, developing a cook book that involved use of symbols and words.

In addition, Gina has specialized occupational therapy training in Handwriting without Tears, PPP Parenting, PGAP certified, and has attended various workshop related to Wheelchair Assessment, Seating, and Equipment. She is also familiar with incorporating various approaches/models to help clients meet their individual and specific goals, such as floor time, family/collaborative model, behavioural approaches, working alongside the ABA program, etc. and has been a guest speaker at MABA Conference in 2013 on collaborative team approaches.  Gina is also a passionate runner and has won the Manitoba Full Marathon twice and completed at the National Level 🙂

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