Stroke / Brain Injury Rehabilitation and Recovery in Winnipeg

Due to the highly rhythmic and structured nature of music, it can be used to help achieve stroke and rehabilitation goals with a wide variety of patients including those affected by a stroke or brain injury. Music is processed throughout the entire brain, not in any one specific area. Therefore, regardless of neurologic impairments, music can be used therapeutically to help patients improve their quality of life. Often patients experience less discomfort and become more motivated when music is paired with rehabilitation exercises.

Qualified Neurologic Music Therapists can use the tempo of the music to initially match a patient’s movements and then adjust the tempo to help create more fluid movements. Neurologic music therapy can also be used to help improve language skills by using combinations of singing and rhythm-based exercises. Following a stroke or brain injury, the use of neurologic music therapy can help regain vocabulary, improve articulation, phonation and annunciation, and is effective at slowing the regression of speech and language skills.

Examples of Music Therapy with individuals who have a Stroke or Brain Injury

A sample of Neurologic Music Therapy techniques used in stroke and brain injury  rehabilitation and their results. Courtesy of MedRhythms, LLC.

Watch this excerpt from Diane Sawyer’s interview with Gabrielle Giffords to see the benefits of Music Therapy in stroke and brain injury rehabilitation.

We are very pleased to have Jaclyn as our professional music therapist for our brother Ron at Riverview Health Centre!

She has been the only professional that Ron has opened up to about personal issues in a deep and meaningful way.  A while ago, we as Ron’s family were comforted to hear at a Riverview staff and family meeting that Ron seems to enjoy her visits.  We are grateful and thankful for her music therapy and can always count on her communicating with family if and when necessary for any issues that may arise.

Loreen and Pat

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